‘Plane Resurrection’ – an outstanding documentary series on historic plane restoration

Documentary 'Plane Resurrection' on Netflix

Documentary ‘Plane Resurrection’ on Netflix

If you love cars and motorcycles, then you’re a ‘gearhead’ like I am.

And as a ‘gearhead’, you’ll love the 6-part documentary series ‘Plane Resurrection’ now on Netflix.

The British documentary covers the restoration (or sometimes ground up re-creation) of notable planes such as so-called ‘Warbirds’ like the American P-51 Mustang, British Hawker Hurricane and German Fokker tri-plane.

What is compelling about this documentary series is the passion and dedication of each person who is the owner and driving force behind the plane’s ‘build’, and the story on how the aircraft was found and acquired.

Each episode covers the painstaking, expensive and multi-year process of bringing airworthiness into these historically important aircraft.

Highly, highly recommended viewing.




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    I am humbled by your review of my show. Thank you. Thank you very much. If you’d like any of the ‘extras’ videos we have, to use on your site, please just ask.



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