Blue-Point Rechargeable LED Pen Light

Blue-Point Rechargeable LED pen light

Blue-Point Rechargeable LED pen light

My good friend Rick Y. surprised me the other day with a belated ‘Christmas gift’, a high quality Blue-Point rechargeable LED pen light.

Rick is a bona fide tool connoisseur.  Having apprenticed as a Jaguar automobile mechanic in New Zealand prior to immigrating to Canada, all of Rick’s mechanics tools are Snap On brand.

For those of you who don’t know (and I’m one of the previously uninformed), Blue-Point is an American tool brand that’s been around since the 1930s, and it’s owned by Snap On.

As an always-prepared motorcyclist, Rick says he carries one of these LED pen lights on his motorcycle.


This LED pen light is not your run-of-the-mill dollar store flashlight.  It’s constructed of high quality, ‘grippy’ plastic with a clip for securing it to a shirt pocket.

The on-off switch is located at one end of the light and is spring-loaded.


At the other end of the light is a single LED light, but what makes this pen light special is the array of 7 LED bulbs so it can be used as a flood light.  I can see this floodlight function being handy, providing a wide swath of light, such as looking for pair of foam earplugs buried in a topcase in the middle of the night.

This Blue-Point LED pen light has a nice floodlight function provided by its 7 LED bulb array

This Blue-Point LED pen light has a nice floodlight function provided by its 7 LED bulb array

Blue-Point has thoughtfully designed into the pocket clip a magnet so the pen light can be used hands free.


Blue-Point literature claims the rechargeable LED pen light will run for 4 hours on one charge, and recharging using the supplied 2-prong 110v AC plug and a USB-style plug and cord, takes 3 hours.


This is a light weight pen light, weighing in at 58g.  It measures 165mm long and 23mm at its base where the on-of push button is located.


Overall, the Blue-Point rechargeable LED pen light is fantastic (albeit expensive, I suspect) tool.  It appears rugged and small enough to throw onto the bike as a piece of ‘standard’ travel gear.





  1. Probably The best light that I ever purchased. I purchased 1 for work . A month later I purchased 2 more for home .I been using them just about everyday for the past 8 years (2012 thru 2020 ).

  2. Pedro Elias Cednoe says:

    To whom it may concern. I am interested in purchasing the from your company a Blue-Point Rechargeable LED Pen Light. I want to know where can I buy in my area, I am located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.



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