“The Kindness Diaries” – TV Series on human kindness shown by world traveling motorcycle philanthropist

Adventurer philanthropist Leon aboard Kindness One

Adventurer philanthropist Leon Logothetis aboard Kindness One

The Kindness Diaries is a 13-part TV series that’s just shown up on Netflix.

If you love motorcycling, world travel and possess a shred of human compassion in your soul, the Kindness Diaries is a must-view program.  Watch this heartwarming series with your family and friends.  It will make you thankful for what you have and compel you to be just a little bit more generous in extending kindness to a fellow human being.

The program’s host is adventure philanthropist Leon Logothetis, an Englishman living in arguably the centre of the materialistic universe, Los Angeles.  The TV series starts with Logothetis questioning the Western world’s view of wealth equating with happiness, and embarks on round-the-world adventure, and doing so while relying on the kindness of strangers.

Each 22-minute episode shows Logothetis explaining to strangers his mission – to travel ’round the world with help from anybody willing to buy him a meal, fill up the tank of his rickety-looking sidecar rig (a Chinese copy of a BMW motorcycle and sidecar, but fitted with a BMW air-cooled engine.)

Through the series, we watch as the host approaches complete strangers and boldly asks, “Can I sleep at your house?” or “Can you buy or give me food?”  Rejection is common, as you might expect, but the kindness of strangers, especially those who appear to have very little to offer, is surprising and heartwarming.

What the generous strangers don’t know is that for those who helped Logothetis with generous acts of kindness and who in their own right were in desperate need of assistance are repaid in ways to help improve their lives.  The TV series never reveals the source of Logothetis’ financial resources that enable him to buy education, housing, search and rescue equipment, etc. for the people he meets, but it doesn’t matter.

The Kindness Diaries is not only an entertaining travelogue (with the cantankerous sidecar rig performing an entertaining supporting role with its various breakdowns for the motorcyclists amongst us), but more importantly, it is an enticingly thought-provoking TV series that compels one to be thankful for what we do have and feel compassion for those who have much, much less.

The Kindness Diaries, now showing on Netflix.  Highly recommended.



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