Seoul Fried Chicken, Edmonton, AB – we visit again


We’ve written about SFC Seoul Fried Chicken before.

This Wednesday, we decided to lunch at Northern Chicken, a little take out joint on 124th Street north of 107th Avenue.  When we got there, the eatery was closed.

WTH??  Wednesday!  There was no sign on the door saying why the restaurant was closed mid-week, and no sign showing the business’s operating hours.  Seriously?  I grew up in a restaurant, and not showing your hours of operation is pretty much a mortal sin.  But I digress. . .

So Ingrid and I walked across the street to the Greek restaurant, Kotouki.  Bad new; CLOSED at lunch.

OK, so I say, “Let’s got to SFC” and Ingrid is in.

I order the 5 Piece BBQ Chicken Set ($11.00) and Ingrid orders the 5 Piece Onion Lover’s Chicken Set ($11.00).  Each ‘Set’ comes with a choice of salad, corn fritter or fries, and a canned soft drink.

My fried chicken arrived with a tangy, (very slightly) spicy, sweet, sticky BBQ sauce, which was ooey gooey delicious.  The side of ‘mac ‘n cheese’ salad was not what I expected.  It was cold (that’s OK) with very strong garlic flavour.  (I was hoping for a warm, creamy traditional American style mac ‘n cheese.)  The corn fritter was good with large corn kernals, and lying in a white, sweet, thin sauce, which must be a Korean style.

Ingrid’s Onion Lover’s Set was a more traditional fried chicken topped with sliced onions.  Her ‘potato salad’ was really a potato ‘slaw’.

Chicken is apparently all the rage in Edmonton right now.

Edmonton’a Avenue Magazine recently gave Seoul Fried Chicken multiple awards in their Best Restaurants 2017 issue, in these categories:

  • Best To-Go, 1st, Seoul Fried Chicken
  • Best Korean, 2nd, Seoul Fried Chicken
  • Best New, 2nd, Seoul Fried Chicken

Seoul Fried Chicken:  Highly recommended

7904-104 Street, Edmonton, AB., Tel.:  780-761-3616

Hours:  Mon-Sat, 11:00 AM-11:00 PM

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