Yokozuna Japanese Restaurant, Edmonton. Outstanding and superbly consistent

Dragon roll

Dragon roll

Yokozuna Japanese Restaurant is one of our favourite restaurants in Edmonton.

Our foody friends introduced us to this south side eatery some time ago, and it never fails to impress us.

We dined there recently and honestly, Ingrid and I agree it was the best dining experience we’ve had in recent memory.

12 pieces salmon sushimi

12 pieces salmon sushimi


New York Cone



I’m terrible at remembering the correct names for various dishes.

The four of us ordered a lot, including 12 pieces salmon sushimi ($28.00), a superb grilled black cod ($15.00), New York Cones (with a seaweed wrap ($20.25), one of our group’s favourites, the Dragon Eye roll ($15.00), a similarly delicious Spider Roll ($17.50), Avocado Shrimp Roll ($11.00).

Yokozuna’s interior is cozy, with booths and small, partitioned rooms for larger parties. ¬†The atmosphere and table layout gives a feeling of intimacy, allowing conversation for a group of diners without the intrusion of adjacent booths.

Located in a neighbourhood shopping strip, parking is plentiful.

Yokozuna Japanese Restaurant, 4121-106 Street, Edmonton, AB., Tel.: 780-431-1508.  Highly recommended.



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