Ecco Yura GTX review

Ecco Yura GTX

Ecco Yura GTX (in Black and ‘Poseidon’, according to Ecco)

About a year ago Ingrid and I were traveling with her brother and his wife on a 2-week tour of Europe.

We did a lot of walking.  My brother-in-law, John, raved about the Ecco ‘walking’ shoes he was wearing.  On one day, we walked some 16 kilometers sightseeing in Prague.  And while the Blundstone boots I was wearing were superb, I recently decided I needed a new pair of ‘walking’ shoes.

I’ve been ‘training’ lately, hoping to get in shape for the motorcycle riding season.  A lethargic winter season, mostly spent lying on the couch trying to get my money’s worth out of our Netflix subscription, had me worried I wouldn’t fit into my motorcycle riding gear when the time came.

I embarked on an ambitious (for me) exercise regimen, forcing myself to get out of the house every morning and going for a brisk walk.  I’m walking about 5 km in about 50 minutes, and I’ve stuck to the plan, walking daily for the last couple of weeks.

At first, I wore my Italian Geox shoes, that look like a slightly dressy sneaker.  I’d worn these last year when we toured Italy and Thailand, and was happy with them.  But these are dressier and have a lighweight sole.

Pretty quickly, I pulled out an old pair of Keen shoes I’ve been wearing on and off for more than 10 years.

The old Keen 'walking' shoes have served me well for more than ten years. Now replaced by the Ecco Yura GTXs

The old Keen ‘walking’ shoes have served me well for more than ten years. Now replaced by the Ecco Yura GTXs

Looking for a deal

I’m inordinately attracted to goods that are on sale.  I shopped online through the myriad of shoe models on the website.

I found two models I liked and made a beeline to a local shoe store that carries Ecco.  They too had a big sale on but the models I was interested in weren’t in stock.

So I bought these online at Ecco Canada’s website.

The Yura GTXs were on sale for $129.00 (plus GST), with free shipping.  Plus, Ecco includes a postage label for free return if for some reason you don’t like the shoes.  That’s superb online sales and marketing!

I ordered the Ecco shoes Friday night, received an email confirmation my order had been placed, and received the shoes today (Wednesday), 3 business days after I’d placed my order.  That’s very good service.


Ecco describes the Yura GTX as an ‘approach’ shoe, constructed of soft suede and lined with waterproof Gore-Tex.

The toe cap and lower part of the shoe (above the sole) is lined with a black, ‘rough’ synthetic textile that adds structural integrity to the shoe and protects shoe from rocks and dirt.

The mouth of the shoe has a padded collar and there is a woven nylon loop at the back to help pull on the shoes.

The sole is quite heavy with decent lugs for traction.

Interestingly, the shoe’s ‘tongue’ is sewn to an elasticized webbing, which is sewn to the inside of the shoe.  This cleverly prevents the tongue from being pushed inside when the shoe is put on.

Reflectivity – there are no reflective materials built into the Yura GTX, a minor failing.

Sizing and Comfort

I wear a European Size 43, which is a Men’s USA/Canada Size 9-1/2.  Ecco’s online guideline for sizing is excellent.  They recommend measuring your foot by placing a piece of paper on the floor against a wall, then standing on the paper with your heel against the wall, measuring your foot length in centimeters, then matching your measured foot length on their size chart.  Easy peasy.

My measurement came out as the recommended European Size 43, and the Yura GTX in that size fits me perfectly.

I tested the shoes today for the first time, just hours after unpacking them.

The Yura GTX’s uppers are sturdy (unlike a lighter sneaker/trainer.)  I wore thicker, sport-style socks and when laced up, these Eccos provide very nice, even foot support.

On my 5 km walk, the thick soles provide plenty of insulation, protecting my soles from rocks and broken pavement.  Shock absorption is very good, and they are clearly superior, even from this short test, for walking long distance compared to my beloved Blundstones and my Keen shoes.

Also, the Ecco’s soles flex fore and aft easily and as a platform, they seem highly stable and not susceptible to rotating sideways.

All in all, I’m happy with my purchase.




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