Tradition – 2017 marks 10th annual Schnitzel Run, Part 1

Between Meritt and Kamloops

Between Meritt and Kamloops

Our collective memory is failing.  Of the 20 hardy riders that made the annual Victoria Day weekend trek from Edmonton (and 3 from Victoria, BC), none of us could remember if this was the 10th or 11th year we’ve ridden to Cranbrook to indulge in schnitzel at Frank’s Steak & Schnitzel Haus.

No worries.  We had a great time anyway.

This year, the weather was relatively warm and dry, with sunny skies.

We departed Edmonton just before 0800 h, accompanied by two friends, Rick and Wayne, riding a pair of just-broken-in Honda Africa Twins and me on my BMW R1200RTW.

In Hedley, BC at the Hitching Post Restaurant

In Hedley, BC at the Hitching Post Restaurant

I’d never toured with these two friends previously, and one of the great joys in travel is finding easy going companions like Rick and Wayne.  Both are seasoned motorcyclists, each having more than 4 decades’ worth of riding experience.  Cheerful with positive outlooks, they’re hard pressed to complain about anything, rich with entertaining stories from lives well lived.  These are the kind of folks I love touring with.

From Edmonton we made a beeline to Cochrane, where we joined up with Highway 1A to Canmore for lunch, where we delightfully discovered Graze Restaurant on main street.

Graze Restaurant, Canmore, AB

Graze Restaurant, Canmore, AB

Graze Restaurant's Mexican Beef Tacos

Graze Restaurant’s Mexican Beef Tacos

Lunch at Graze was excellent.  I ordered the Mexican Beef Taco, a tad pricey at $14 dollars, but hey, Canmore is a tourist town adjacent to Banff National Park.

From Canmore, we rode west through Banff National Park where the traffic was heavy, but civilized, then south on BC Highway 93 to Cranbrook.

We arrived in time for our 6:00 PM reservation at Frank’s Steak & Schnitzel Haus, where the staff had set aside the lounge for our party of 20 riders.

Rod, Richard

Some of the Edmonton crew, Rod, Ray, Richard and Walker

Gwen, Phil, Dave, Gale, Brian and Walker

More intrepid riders, Gwen, Phil, Bernie, Gale, Brian and Dwight

Last year, some folks complained that Frank’s schnitzel wasn’t up to snuff, but this year, the kitchen performed their culinary magic we’d grown accustomed to, and everybody were decidedly fat and happy after their main courses.

A nice surprise, our server brought a delicious bitter-sweet, moist orange cake, ‘compliments of the house’, in celebration of our 10th (or 11th?) annual run to this Cranbrook establishment.

Frank's 'Original' schnitzel; this is the 'Half order), still more than most reasonable would consume

Frank’s ‘Original’ schnitzel; this is the ‘Half order), still more than most reasonable would consume

Frank’s Steak & Schnitzel Haus continues to be one of my favourite ‘destination’ restaurants, and is one of my touring ‘benchmarks’ for fine dining when on the road.  It looks like we’ll be returning next year.

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