Oxford motorcycle socks – ‘motorcycle’ socks? Really?

Oxford motorcycle socks

Oxford motorcycle socks

Some time ago, Argyll Motorsports, our local BMW motorcycle dealer, hosted a promo event to celebrate the start of the 2017 motorcycle riding season.

As part of that promotion, all accessories were on sale for 15-percent off for that evening only.

As a bargain hunter, I couldn’t resist purchasing a 2-pack of Oxford motorcycle socks, for about $23 dollars.

These ‘motorcycle’ socks are good for motorcycle boots, being thicker than normal day-to-day socks.  I don’t know why they’re labeled as ‘thermal’ socks, something we Canadians would associate with winter wear.  Maybe the Brits think anything colder than 18 degrees Celsius constitutes ‘winter’ riding.

The Oxford Thermal socks are a thicker, knit product in a stylish black/dark grey/light grey and blue colour, for the fashion-conscious rider.

These motorcycle socks will replace the long (longer than knee length) Nike soccer socks I’ve been wearing in my Aerostich Combat Lite Touring boots for the past year.

The Oxford socks are shorter than the soccer socks, measuring 11-in. from heel to the top of the sock shaft (measured unworn.)  When on the foot, the socks’ shafts stretch (and therefore lengthen.)

One of the ‘features’ of these motorcycle socks is the shin portion is cushioned, presumably to provide extra comfort when one’s boot is resting on the footpegs and the leg is angled, potentially applying pressure of one’s shins against the boot.

I wore these socks for the first time on our 4-day, 2400 km ‘Schnitzel Run’, and never noticed my feet or shins, so that must be a good thing.


  1. Dave Graham says:

    Same socks for four days?

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