Chartier Restaurant, Beaumont, Alberta – French Canadian cuisine

Chartier Restaurant features French Canadian cuisine, located in Beaumont, a few minutes south of Edmonton

Chartier Restaurant features French Canadian cuisine, located in Beaumont, a few minutes south of Edmonton

Chartier is an award winning restaurant featuring French Canadian cuisine.  It opened (last year?) and quickly garnered rave reviews from the professional restaurant reviewers in the Edmonton media.

We had promised ourselves to make our way the twenty minutes south to visit this fine dining establishment, and finally managed to get there for lunch last week for a belated ‘big’ anniversary celebration.

Chartier's decor is rustic, warm and inviting

Chartier’s decor is rustic, warm and inviting

We made our reservation online and when we arrived, the restaurant had a nice lunch crowd, but far from full.

Our server said reservations were recommended, but seating at the outdoor patio and inside bar were kept ‘open’ (no reservations) for walk-in customers.


Chartier’s decor is rustic, warm and inviting.  Rough-hewn timbers with antique-looking industrial lamps hang from their cords slung over beams, tables are rough-finished, farm style and the chairs are a mix of various styles.  Even the dishware is an eclectic mix of old patterns (perhaps wisely and economically purchased at garage sales and auctions?), and it all adds up to a casual, comfy environment, as if you’re sitting an old, Quebecois restaurant.  It’s very nice.

Beaumont Smoked Meat sandwich

Beaumont Smoked Meat sandwich, $16


I ordered the Beaumont Smoked Meat Sandwich ($16) and Ingrid ordered the PB&J (Pear, Brie cheese and Jambon) sandwich ($15.)

Chartier's Beaumont Smoked Meat Sandwich is whimsically presented in butcher's paper

Chartier’s Beaumont Smoked Meat Sandwich is whimsically presented in butcher’s paper

Our lunch service was quick and pleasant.  Both sandwiches were served with a side order of lovely, thick, home cut fries.

Ingrid’s PB & J was made with a sturdy sourdough bread that had the structural strength so the sandwich could be handled without falling apart or soaking through.

We both tried a couple of bites and wondered where the pear was; both of us expected pear slices in the sandwich.  We asked our server about the apparent lack of pear and she said there is a pear spread in the sandwich, not pear slices.  We found that oddly misleading as the menu says “pear.”  The salad side dish Ingrid ordered was very good.  Oh well.  The PB & J sandwich was OK, and I preferred it to my Beaumont Smoked Meat Sandwich.

My Beaumont Smoked Meat Sandwich was a disappointment.  If you’ve ever had The Genuine Article, which would be a Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich or a smoked meat sandwich from a Toronto Jewish deli, you know what the real thing is – buttery soft, tender, melt in your mouth beef brisket served with hot mustard on rye bread.

The Beaumont Smoked Meat Sandwich is served on a sourdough bread with smoked mayonnaise, and the beef brisket was barely warm, dry and very lean (unlike the classic smoked meat sandwiches which tend to have a good amount of fat in them.)  In short, the Beaumont Smoked Meat didn’t meet my expectations.

For dessert, we shared Pot de Lemon Meringue, $11.  It was VERY good.  The dessert was a delicious lemon curd which had a “citrus” shortbread base and a shortbread biscuit, with toasted meringue.  The dessert was excellent, my only complaint being the shortbread biscuit crumbled to little bits when handled.

Overall, our experience was mixed.  The ambiance and service were good.  The restaurant is easy to find (on 50th Street, Beaumont’s main street), with free on-street parking.  Dessert was the best dish we had, and it was very good.  Our PB & J and Beaumont Smoked Meat Sandwiches were ordinary and lacked the eye popping, memorable ‘star quality’ one would expect from an award-winning restaurant.

Despite our lackluster experience, I am willing to give Chartier another try.  Next time, we’ll book for supper and give them another try.

Chartier Restaurant, 5012-50th Street, Beaumont, Alberta; Tel. 780-737-3633; Closed Mondays


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