Finally! Riding again after a 6 week-long forced hiatus!

Near Joffre, Alberta

Near Joffre, Alberta.  Riding buddy Paul’s 2007 Ducati 1000 is in the background

Emergency surgery on my person resulted in a frustrating 6 week “No Ride!” ban from my surgeon, and today was first day that onerous ban had expired.

Six weeks in July-August – the height of motorcycling season, was a tortuous sentence, but all for the better, I suppose.  Today, I feel 100-percent with little reminder that I even had surgery, except for 4 tiny scars on my abdomen.

Today was supposed to be a scorching hot, clear, sunny day in the Edmonton area, with a high temperature forecast in the 29 degree Celsius range.  That lovely forecast was sabotaged by the massive wildfires burning in British Columbia, and our anticipated sunny skies were clouded over with smoky haze blown over the Rockies from the west.

Still, it was an ideal day for a ride.  It started out cool and cloudy/hazy, but later warmed up.  My Ducati 1000-owning riding buddy, Paul, was keen to break in a new Michelin Pilot Road 4.  We met up at our Saturday morning breakfast haunt, Blackjack’s Roadhouse in Nisku and headed out on one of my favourite day rides through Central Alberta, a 400 km loop that starts in Edmonton and heads south on Hwy 2A to Wetaskiwin, through Ponoka to Lacombe, then heading east to Joffre, south through the Red Deer River Valley, through the city of Red Deer and then on a meandering back road to Sylan Lake, to the town of Rimbey where we stopped for a burger.

Roger's Drive In, a favourite rest stop for us when we're in Rimbey

Roger’s Drive In, a favourite rest stop for us when we’re in Rimbey, Alberta

Wednesday's lunch special at Roger's Drive In, a double bacon cheeseburger with fries, $8.95

Wednesday’s lunch special at Roger’s Drive In, a double bacon cheeseburger with fries, $8.95

Most small town diners are good for sustenance, but today at Roger’s the double bacon cheeseburger with fries ‘special’ was remarkable; the fries were among the nicest I’ve had in a looong time; crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside.  Excellent!

Paul and his trusty 2007 Ducati 1000

Paul and his trusty 2007 Ducati 1000

Paul's 2007 Ducati 1000

Paul’s 2007 Ducati 1000

The RT purred the entire trip, as expected.

It was enlivening to get on the bike again.  It was a good riding day.



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