Noodle Feast – The Taste of Northern China, Edmonton, AB

Crowd gathers, awaiting 12 noon opening at Noodle Feast in south Edmonton

Crowd gathers, awaiting 12 noon opening at Noodle Feast in south Edmonton

Our foody friends Richard and Mag have been bombarding us recently about their new foody ‘find’, Noodle Feast – The Taste of Northern China,  a restaurant that specializes in serving up Chinese dishes with hand-pulled noodles.

Oh, man, were they right.  This is a popular place.  When we arrived today (Wednesday) minutes before 12:00 noon, a small crowd had formed waiting for the eatery to open.

Our server said the restaurant opened in 2013, and “we haven’t changed the menu since we opened”, adding the obvious, “and we’re very popular.”

When the doors to the restaurant opened at 12:00 noon sharp, it quickly filled and by 12:15 pm, customers were waiting for seats.

The restaurant is clean, simple and unpretentious.  Located in a strip mall at 99th Street and 34th Avenue in Edmonton’s south side.

We ordered three dishes for our party of three.

Pancake with sour and spicy pork sauce. Oops, we tucked in before taking the photo

Pancake with sour and spicy pork sauce.  ($8.99) Oops, we tucked into the ‘Pork Burger’  before taking the photo

Our first dish was a Pancake with Sour and Spicy Pork Sauce, and came presented more like a western ‘slider’ with a filling of loose, ground pork.  The flavouring was different than the southern (Cantonese) style of Chinese food I grew up with, and I couldn’t identify the savoury main sauce flavour.  (It wasn’t the sweet hoisin or savoury oyster sauce.)  Still, it was different and delicious.

Pulled noodle with minced pork ($12.99)

Pulled noodle with minced pork ($12.99)

Our second dish was Hand Pulled Noodles with Pork Sauce and Chili Oil ($13.99).  Ingrid said she detected a slight pineapple taste, and there was a hint of spice after taste from the chili oil.  The noodles were LONG (uncut), soft and delicious.  These dishes aren’t meant for sharing.  The uncut noodles are too long to try to serve them to others from the bowl.  The bowl is intended for one person to eat from and to slurp and bite the noodles into manageable portions.

Our final dish was Rolling Noodles with Beef (no soup.)

Rolling Noodles with Beef (no soup), $15.99

Rolling Noodles with Beef (no soup), $15.99

I think “Rolling” noodles means ‘rolled’ noodles.  These are broad, thick noodles, almost but not quite as broad a noodle you’d use in lasagna.  These broad noodles were cooked al dente and provided a nice, satisfying ‘bite’ when chewed.  Again, this dish like the pulled noodle with mince pork described above, is not meant to be shared, but eaten by one person.  The Rolling noodles are not cut and very long, so the technique is to lift the noodles with your chopsticks, push into your mouth, and bite down to cut them.

Our lunch dining experience was excellent!  The hand-pulled noodles are a rare treat in Chinese cuisine.  The serving size was more than ample (most folks will take doggy bags home with them); the prices are reasonable, and the food is unique and delicious.

Highly recommended.

Noodle Feast – The Taste of Northern China:  3440-99th Street NW, Edmonton, AB

Hours:  Mon-Tues CLOSED; Wed-Sun 12:00 Noon – 8:30 PM


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