First fuel mileage report – 2018 Audi A4

2018 Audi A4 Technik with S-Line package

2018 Audi A4 Technik with S-Line package

We’ve just run our new 2018 Audi A4 through its first tank of fuel.

(Caveats:  The A4 was delivered with a ‘full’ tank of fuel, but we don’t know how ‘full’ it really was.  Our standard operating procedure when refuelling cars for fuel consumption testing is to fill the tank until fuel nozzle ‘clicks’ off, withdraw the nozzle slightly to allow air into the car’s tank, and continue filling until the nozzle ‘clicks’ off a second time.)

According to the A4’s spec sheet, the Audi holds 58 litres of premium unleaded.

10.5 l/100 km (26.9 Imp mpg) in city driving

We ran 422 km and used 44.519 l, yielding 10.5 l/100 km (26.9 Imp mpg).

That’s not bad, considering the car is new (and the engine/drivetrain is not ‘broken in’, ambient temperatures have been cold (-10 to -15 degrees Celsius). roads have been snow and ice covered, and the A4 is fitted with Dunlop 225/50R17 4D winter tires.  Each of these negatively affects fuel economy.



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