Let Eat Snow premium dessert cafe, Edmonton, AB

Mango Bingsoo shaved ice milk dessert

Mango Bingsoo shaved ice milk dessert

It’s not officially winter yet, but snow is on the ground, motorcycle season is over, so what should we do to celebrate?

As the saying goes, “fight fire with fire”, we decided to fight snow with snow.

Our friends Richard and Mag introduced us to Let Eat Snow, which advertizes themselves as a Premium Dessert Cafe.

Let Eat Dessert’s unique Korean dessert offering is bingsoo, a frozen shaved ice milk concoction that can be adorned with chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup among other items, presumably based upon the artistic creativity of the person making it.

Mango, shaved ice milk, condensed milk and corn flakes were in our mango bingsoo

Mango, shaved ice milk, condensed milk and corn flakes were in our mango bingsoo

Let Eat Snow is located in a strip mall on 34th Avenue near 92nd Street in south Edmonton.

When we arrived late Saturday evening after dinner at another restaurant, the small dessert cafe was busy, filled mainly with patrons of Asian origin.

We ordered the Mango Bingsoo ($11.50) and while that seems pricey, it’s huge, more than enough for two people (if not three) to share.

We watched as one of the staff prepared the bingsoo behind the counter.  He poured a number of ingredients into a large machine and out spewed the frozen ice milk dessert.

Our bingsoo arrived, topped with cold mango (perhaps mixed with a syrup?) on a massive amount of shaved ice milk under which was more mango, a cold, creamy filling which could have been ice cream or condensed milk, and of all surprises, some corn flakes!

This was our first exposure to bingsoo, and we agreed that the nice thing about this dessert that it is much lighter than eating a traditional western dessert (pie, cheesecake or what have you).  We also noticed the crystalline structure of the main ingredient, shaved ice milk, did not melt like ice cream tends to, as we spooned our way through the monster sized dessert.  But any of the shaved ice milk crystals that fell on the table DID melt quickly.  Weird and interesting.

Ingrid and I liked this place a lot, and we’ll be back soon.

Let Eat Snow premium dessert cafe, 18A, 9261-34th Avenue, Edmonton, AB.; Tel.:  780-490-1377.

Highly recommended.



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