Mimo Portuguese Restaurant, Calgary, AB

Frango Churasco, fried half chicken with piri piri sauce, potatoes, and salad ($18.95)

Frango Churasco, grilled half chicken with piri piri sauce, potatoes, and salad ($18.95)

Ingrid and I fell in love with Portuguese cuisine after a glorious 2-week vacation on Portugal a couple of years ago.

My good friend, Gary, had been to Portugal and raved about it as a fantastic tourist destination, triggering us to book time in Lisbon and and surrounding areas, and it turned out to be one of our best, most memorable travels abroad.

Gary recommended Mimo Portuguese Restaurant, and it was a good excuse to catch up with my good friend.

We’ve dined at Mimo before, but in the last (year?), the proprietors have redecorated the establishment.  It was a nice environment before, feeling a cut above your day-to-day restaurant.

Mimo is a place to go to when you want something a bit out of the ordinary, something a bit ‘special.’

The first time we dined at Mimo’s, I thought it was bit on the expensive side.  Not so this time.  Perhaps Mimo has kept their pricing unchanged for some time and other restaurants have raised their prices, bringing Mimo’s prices more in line to other restaurants?  I don’t know.

I ordered the Frango Churasco half chicken, grilled and served with a gently spicey piri piri sauce, a very generous helping of sliced fried potatoes, and a lovely, fresh lettuce, tomato and onion salad with vinaigrette, very reasonably priced at $18.95.  The grilled chicken was delicious, moist and with the gentlest hint of ‘heat’ from the piri piri sauce.  Highly recommended.

Pork and clams with piri piri sauce

Pork and clams with piri piri sauce, $19.95

Gary had the pork with clams, also with a “low heat” level of spiciness piri piri sauce ($19.95.)  It was a hearty, meaty dish, and also highly recommended.

For dessert, I felt like a traditional orange pudding, on the menu, but not available.  Instead, I had the Passion Fruit pudding, $7.50, and really not worth it.  The pudding had a rubbery texture as if it was old.

All in all, Mimo Portuguese Restaurant continues to be a favourite fine dining experience.  The cuisine is ‘authentic’ as far as a non-Portuguese diner can tell, and the general atmosphere is slightly upscale, comfortable and inviting.

Mimo Portuguese Restaurant, 203-4909-17th Avenue SE. Calgary, AB.; Tel.:  (403)235-3377

Highly recommended.




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