The Total Motorcycling Manual – winter reading for house-bound motorcyclists

The Total Motorcycling Manual, by Mark Lindemann and the Editors of Cycle World magazine

The Total Motorcycling Manual-291 Essential Skills, by Mark Lindemann and the Editors of Cycle World magazine

PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome) got you down?

Here’s some winter reading for you.

“The Total Motorcycling Manual”, by Mark Lindemann and the Editors of Cycle World magazine is a bargain bin ‘find’ I just picked up at Indigo in Edmonton’s South Common big box shopping district.

While the soft-bound book is sub-titled “291 Essential Skills”, it should have been named “291 Essential Tips.”

This ‘Manual’ is the most comprehensive book on motorcycling I’ve ever seen, covering gear, riding skills and repair.

Written by Mark Lindemann (a former editor of the now defunct and sorely missed Cycle magazine – one of the U.S.’s ‘big four’ moto mags which included Cycle Guide, also defunct and the still published Cycle World Motorcyclist magazines), each of the 291 ‘tips’ is only a few paragraphs long.

It’s written in a light, breezy, magazine style.  And while many of the book’s ‘tips’ will be of lesser interest to experienced motorcyclists (such as explaining what to look for when choosing a helmet, jacket, boots and gloves), the book is sprinkled with numerous gems that seasoned riders will appreciate, such as how to make a homemade throttle lock, explanations on countersteering, emergency braking, riding in groups, picking the right ‘line’ through corners, packing for tours, setting up a bike-friendly garage, how to crate a bike, etc.

For race enthusiasts, there are descriptions of the major roadracing circuits, such as Jerez, Nurburgring, Isle of Man, Daytona packed with facts on each course, hints on preparing for track school, and more.

The Total Motorcycling Manual – 291 Essential Skills sells for $12.00 Cdn (discounted from its $32.00 Cdn cover price) and is a real bargain ‘find.’  I bought a couple of copies for Christmas gifts and one for myself, of course.

Highly recommended (especially for the price.)

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