McLaren – documentary on Netflix covers life of Bruce McLaren, founder of McLaren Race Cars

McLaren documentary film (2017). Image courtesy Netflix

McLaren documentary film (2017). Image courtesy

McLaren, a 2017 documentary film about the life of New Zealand race car driver and designer, has recently appeared on Netfilx.

I’ve got a strong, personal attachment to McLaren race cars.  As a teenager growing up in Calgary, my group of buddies were hard core car guys, and specifically, we loved sports cars.

In the late 1960s, Edmonton, Alberta was home to a world class road racing circuit, Edmonton International Speedway.  EIS hosted some of the top road racing series, such as Can-Am (Canadian-American Challenge Cup), Trans-Am racing with factory sponsored Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros, Dodge Challengers and AMC Javelins banging fenders, and Formula A, a North American-style open wheel series (like Formula 1), but using American stock block V8 engines for powerplants.

My friends and I made the 3 hour drive from Calgary to Edmonton to attend EVERY single Can-Am and Trans-Am race hosted at EIS.

So the McLaren documentary brought back great memories of watching the big, orange monstrously powered big block Chevy V8 McLaren race cars typically obliterating the competition, with founder Bruce McLaren and team mate Denis Hulme at the wheel.

“McLaren” is an excellent biographical film that describes the New Zealander’s humble beginnings as a young, teenage racer in New Zealand, working his way up to a successful Formula 1 and sports car driver (driving the famous Ford GT40 team that won Lemans), then eventually designing his own Formula 1, Can-Am and Indy 500 race winners.

This documentary film will appeal to race car enthusiasts who are keen to learn about the inside workings and development of a storied and successful racing legend and the company he built.

Highly recommended.



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