Nudoru Ramen Bar, Edmonton, AB

Miso, pork belly, boiled egg, pickled onions and fungus. Delicious!

Custom Ramen:  Miso, pork belly, boiled egg, pickled onions and fungus. Delicious!


Last Saturday was a cold winter night.  We decided to head into town to dine at Nudoru Ramen Bar on Edmonton’s trendy Whyte Avenue near the University of Alberta.

It’s minus twenty-something degrees Celsius, and it’s been snowing hard all day.  A tall windrow of snow is piled high along the centreline of Whyte Avenue.  Despite the cold, Saturday night means the sidewalks are still busy with bundled up pedestrians, most of whom are braving the cold to seek refuge in one of the many restaurants lining the street.

Nudoru Ramen Bar has an interesting menu.  You can order a delicious bowl of steaming hot bowl or ramen noodle goodness, or you can do as we did and order a ‘custom’ ramen bowl.  The ‘custom’ menu lets you choose (1) your broth of choice, I selected the traditional Miso soup, (2) one protein, I chose pork belly, (3) three additional ingredients, I selected pickled onion, fungus and boiled egg, all for $13.75.

All-in-all, Nudoru serves up a great taste of Japanese cuisine at an affordable price.  Their menu structure helps the customer navigate easily ingredients and dishes that North Americans are unaccustomed to.  It’s an easy way to try a very different cuisine, and if you’re a noodle fan like I am, a great place to get your weekly ‘hit.’

Nudoru Ramen Bar:  10532-82nd Avenue, Edmonton, AB.; 780-757-6836


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