Jaker’s Bar & Grill, Great Falls, MT. Long time ‘destination’ restaurant has ‘off’ night

Jaker's Steakhouse, Great Falls, MT is one of our favourite 'destination' eateries

Jaker’s Steakhouse, Great Falls, MT is one of our favourite ‘destination’ eateries

My motorcycle friends and I have been huge fans of Jaker’s Bar & Grill for years.

Located in Great Falls, MT, each year, a bunch of us in Edmonton ponder making a run to Great Falls just to dine at this Montana steakhouse.  Jaker’s claim to fame is that when Robert Redford was filming “A River Runs Through It” (1992) in the Great Falls area, he dined each night at Jaker’s.

Whether that’s true or not, we don’t know, but every person we’ve introduced to this fine dining establishment has loved the food.

During our “2018 See the American Desert Tour”, we overnighted in Great Falls.  I finally got to introduce Ingrid, to whom I’ve gone on endlessly after one of my motorcycle trips through Montana, to one of my all-time favourite restaurants.

Lamb shank served on a bed of noodles

Lamb shank served on a bed of noodles

Our experience was less than stellar.  Service was slow, taking more than fifteen minutes for a server to take our drink order.  I ordered the Lamb Shank ‘special’, which, while falling off the bone tender, was over salted and served on an unremarkable bed of noodles.  I had also ordered a baked potato with sour cream and bacon bits, which the server forgot, and when she did bring it, the baked potato had the wrong topping.  I was too impatient to send it back.

When I mentioned the forgotten baked potato and wrong topping, the server, obviously flustered, said, “Oh, I don’t know what I’m doing!”  Not good when the server admits she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Prime rib, 8 oz, $26.95

Prime rib, 8 oz, $26.95

Ingrid’s 8 oz. Prime Rib ($26.95) was superb.  It was the smallest cut on the menu, and she couldn’t finish it.  (We boxed it and shared the remains on a bun for lunch the next day.

After many years of superb dining at Jaker’s, I’m not ready to blacklist the restaurant after one bad experience.  Any restaurant can have an ‘off’ night.

I’ll happily visit Jaker’s again, confident that my next dining experience will find the restaurant in top form again.

Jaker’s Bar & Grill, 1500-10 Avenue South, Great Falls, MT.; Tel. 406-727-1033


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