Northern Chicken, Edmonton, AB – a new favourite

Northern Chicken, 10704-124th Street, Edmonton

It’s taken us a long time to try Northern Chicken, frustrating, since it was named one of the best new restaurants in Edmonton by a local magazine not too long ago.

Fried chicken has never been top-of-mind when it’s time to adventure into the world of a new dining experience.  Foody friends who were huge fans of the widely-praised Seoul Fried Chicken (also a ‘Best New Restaurant in Edmonton’ award winner) had dismissed Northern Chicken as ‘just good chicken’, but our recent visit there proved how peoples’ tastes differ.

Ingrid and I loved the fried chicken served up at this cozy, casual diner.  Where SFC’s Korean-style fried chicken had become one of our favourite haunts, we’d noticed in our past few visits SFC’s chicken had been slightly overcooked and dry.

Original recipe 3-piece fried chicken ($14)

At Northern Chicken, Ingrid and I ordered a 3-piece Original recipe entree ($14), a side order of Mac ‘n Cheese ($3), a rare (in Canadian restaurants) Buttermilk Pie and a huge slab of Butter Pecan Pie.

Our 3-piece fried chicken was superb.  The pieces were large and cooked perfectly.  Coating was seasoned with the slightest bit of heat, and the meat was remarkably juicy.  Ingrid and I agreed this was the best fried chicken we remember eating, ever.

Mac ‘n Cheese side order ($3)

The side order of Mac ‘n Cheese is a must. 


It was moist and you could actually taste cheese, unlike the flavourless, starchy dreck so many restaurants often serve up.

Buttermilk Pie, a rare dessert in Canada

And the desserts were exceptional.  What caught my eye was the Buttermilk Pie, something I’ve enjoyed on my moto travels in the United States; in Canada, Buttermilk Pie is a rarity.  Soft, creamy and sweet, it was an excellent follow-up to our excellent fried chicken.

All-in-all, Northern Chicken was an exceptional eating experience.  This is comfort food at its best.

The only criticism of this eatery is its location on Edmonton’s trendy 124th Street (a few doors from the city’s legendary Duchess Bakery), and finding on street parking can be a challenge, depending on the time of day.

Northern Chicken – highly recommended.

10704-124th Street, Edmonton, AB.  Tel.:  780-756-2239.  No reservations.  Closed Wednesdays.


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