Tokiwa Ramen – quirky Japanese eatery serves up delicious (but limited) dishes

Tokiwa Ramen

Tokiwa Ramen

Tokiwa Ramen

The last time I got my hair cut, Fatima, a fellow ‘foody’ and I were talking about new restaurants we’d tried recently.

I mentioned we had just been to Tokiwa Ramen, a new Japanese ramen Japanese noodle soup house in Edmonton’s new, fashionable Brewery District.   Our lunch companions had discovered this restaurant, and told us the proprietor’s business model was to open for lunch and prepare exactly 350 servings of delicious ramen soups of different kinds, and once those 350 servings were sold, he closed the restaurant.

When Fatima heard this story, she remarked she had been in the Brewery Districts recently, and was suprised to see a restaurant, closed, with a sign on the door that said something to the effect, “Sorry, we’re out of soup.”  We surmised she had happened upon Tokiwa, and that the prepared 350 dishes of ramen soup had been sold out, and the restaurant was closed for the day.  It’s an odd, but interesting business model, where the proprietor, clearly, has determined what he needs to balance work and a home life, and our hat is off to him.

I don’t know Japanese cuisine very well, so the above photos are not labeled.  I know we ordered Goma Goma (sesame with chopped pork, a rich miso broth and a mild chilli, $14, far left photo?), and a Black Garlic Oil ramen ($14, likely the far right photo.)  The middle photo was one of our friends’ dish; I don’t recall what it was.

The ramen soup dishes were excellent, with rich, complex flavoured broths and a nice mix of noodles, meat, and boiled egg garnish.  I’m a ‘noodle guy’, so if I had one criticism, I’d ask for even more noodles, but really, each dish was a delicious, surprisingly ‘different’ dining experience.

A word of advice.  Tokiwa Ramen is popular, so get there early.  Parking is plentiful.  We enjoyed the ‘newness’ (to us) of the cuisine, and will definitely return.

Tokiwa Ramen Japanese Restaurant – highly recommended.

Brewery District:  11978-104th Avenue, Edmonton, AB.  Tel.:  780-761-1400.  No reservations; no take out.  Limited servings available.



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