Ferrari of Alberta hosts demo day for a lucky few

Ferrari 488 provided by Ferrari of Alberta

It’s 2-degrees Celsius and there are snowflakes in the air.  It’s really cold.

But a lucky few invited guests have congregated at a private facility to test drive two new Ferraris – a mid-engine 488 and front engine Portofino.

Carlo Galasso, dealer principal of Ferrari of Alberta, is our gracious host, and the Calgary, Alberta-based company has trucked the two Ferrari test cars to a race track in Central Alberta.

Ferrari Portofino


Despite the brutally cold, unseasonable September weather, a hardy group of folks showed up for the test drive opportunity.

On hand were a couple of instructor-drivers who drove the new Ferraris around the track for a couple of laps with guests riding shotgun for a short briefing.  Then, the guest took their turn driving the the car around the track for a few laps.

Each test drive included a standing-start, maximum acceleration trial down a straightaway, with hard braking at the end, then a left turn at speed.

The prancing horse, Ferrari’s iconic symbol

Cold weather track testing new Ferraris seems like a total contradiction.  We normally associate Ferrari with the Mediterranean warmth of Italy, or at least the palm tree-lined streets of Southern California.  But this late September demo day in truly frigid, near winter conditions, was surely an honest-to-god Canadian automotive event.




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