Tiffin Fresh Kitchen – Fresh, modern, stylish East Indian cuisine, Edmonton, AB

Tiffin East Indian Cuisine, 5135 Ellerslie Road SW, Edmonton, AB

East Indian cuisine is a mystery to me.  Unknown spices and curries are foreign not only to my taste buds, to their names are unfamiliar to my ear.  Yet, I’m drawn to the newness and flavourful suprises of the dishes whenever I get to experience them.

Our friends Harold and Norma had recommended Tiffin some time ago.  This relatively new Indian restaurant, located in southeast Edmonton near the Walmart at 50th Street and Ellerslie Road.

Tiffin is a stylish, modern, casual dining eatery.  With large windows, it’s bright and decorated with simple, modern tables and chairs, and perfect for grabbing a quick meal when you’re on the go.

The word tiffin is Indian English, meaning a light meal or snack, one that’s usually packaged for workers, and this eating establishment uses a brilliant business model, perfect for Indian cuisine newbies like me who are unfamiliar with the names of different dishes.

Different dishes are showcased in a glass covered steam table with the names of each dish clearly labeled

Tiffin uses a neat and simple pricing structure.  First, choose your plate configuration:  2-section (choice of rice/noodle + :  1 ‘main’, $11; rice/noodle + 2 ‘mains’, $13; or 3 ‘mains’, $15.)

Having chosen your plate size and paid, you simply choose your carbohydrate (coconut rice, saffron rice, hakka noodles) plus 1, 2 or 3 ‘mains’, depending on the plate size you’ve selected.

Saffron rice, Goat Curry, Massamum Beef Curry, $13

Hakka noodles, Kashmiri Lamb in Chili Sauce, Chickpea, Kale and Cauliflower Curry, $13

Ingrid, who is an adventurous eater, found the Kashmiri Lamb in Chili Sauce a tad spicey for her liking; no problem, I ate it for her.

While neither of us are Indian food connoisseurs, we found the curries to be flavourful, spicy enough for our Canadian tastebuds, but having slightly less complex curry flavours than some of the other (admittedly pricier) East Indian restaurants in Edmonton.

Still, there is much to be recommended for Tiffin.  The pricing structure is simple, and having the wide variety of different dishes on display behind glass in a steam table with clear labels for each dish makes dining at Tiffin an easy, non-intimidating way to explore dishes with which we’re unfamiliar.  Our lunch experience was really enjoyable.  We’ll be back.

Tiffin Fresh Kitchen, 5135 Ellerslie Road SW, Edmonton, AB.  Tel.:  780-752-1600  Highly recommended.

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