Deltran Battery Tender – Prepping the 2017 Shelby GT350 for winter storage

CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) – labelled charger is a re-branded Deltran Battery Tender Plus (12v, 1.25 amp)

I’m terrible at automotive mechanics.  Two left hands, leftover parts. . . you get the picture.

Anyhow, I decided now that the snow has flown (and stayed) here in Alberta, I needed to prep the 2017 Shelby GT350 for winter storage.  Everybody, please stand back. . .

As a motorcycle rider, I know vehicles stored and not run for long periods need to have their battery charged regularly, because it naturally discharges over time. Without proper maintenance, the life of the battery is drastically shortened.

I shopped around for a battery tender, and found this Deltran Battery Tender Plus, with a ‘house brand’ label sold at Canadian Automobile Association outlets.  The nice thing is the CAA member price is $59.05, a lot less expensive than the currently advertised $84.99 ‘sale price’ at one of Canada’s largest national auto parts chains.

The CAA/Deltran Battery Tender is a ‘smart’ battery charger.  Once the car battery is fully charged, the device sets itself to a ‘float’ charge mode.  (Interesting aside – I’ve watched episodes of Jay Leno’s Garage, and have seen Leno’s cars in the background hooked up to Deltran Battery Tender Plus chargers.)

Each Deltran Battery Tender Plus comes with a 6′ 120v power cord, a 4-1/2′ cord with ‘O’ connector, and a 4-1/2′ cord with alligator clips, so you can choose to install a connector to the battery posts more permanently or use the alligator clips.

The Shelby GT350 has a battery cover held down by 3 press fit plastic trim buttons.  I bought a trim removal tool from Princess Auto designed to remove such plastic retaining pins; it’s a screwdriver size tool with a 2-pronged flat spade end.

With cold temperature in the garage (4 Celsius), I used a hair dryer to heat the head of the plastic pins before popping them off to be sure they didn’t break in the cold weather.

O-ring attachment for the Deltran Battery Tender Plus quick connector

O-ring attachment for Deltran Battery Tender Plus quick connector Positive battery post

At the battery posts, there’s a 10 mm nut holding a bolt where I installed the O-ring end leads for the Battery Tender’s quick connect leads.  Easy peasy, done in 10 minutes.

In the Spring, I’ll re-install the battery cover and zip-tie the SAE-end quick connect wire, and I’ll be able to charge the battery after that without having to remove the cover.

CAA – labelled Deltran Battery Tender Plus

While there’s room under the Shelby’s hood to leave the Battery Tender with the hood closed, there’s enough length in the supplied quick connector wire to carefully route the wire from the battery to front of the car and place the charger on the floor.

The Shelby is now almost tucked away for winter.

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