Shelby GT350 car cover

Ford accessory car cover for 2017 Shelby GT350

We’ve put our 2017 Shelby GT350 into winter storage, now that that snow has landed, and sadly stayed, here in Alberta.

Our 2017 Shelby GT350 came with a Ford accessory, fitted car cover.  According to the car’s window sticker, the car cover is described as, “FULL VEH COV ‘DLR-INSTLD-ACCY”, with a pricey $475.00 Cdn price tag.  To me, adding such accessories is just another way dealers can add profit on each car sold.  I can live with that.

Custom fit car cover is designed specifically for the GT350. This is the right side mirror portion

The car cover is custom fit and is made of a heavy synthetic textile, and, for better or worse, is embelished with Shelby badges.  That’s fine if you’re storing the car indoors and out of sight of ne’er-do-wells; not so good if you need to store the car outdoors in plain sight.

The car cover comes with a carrying bag for storage.

Shelby logo on the rear of the car cover

For those who want to keep their prized cars clean and dust-free during storage, this Ford supplied car cover is a worthwhile purchase.

Shelby logo runs the length of the hood section


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