Fiddle River Restaurant, Jasper, AB

Fiddle River Restaurant, Jasper, Alberta

A road trip to Canada’s West Coast is a trip I’d been (gingerly) bouncing off Ingrid starting in January-February this year. Ingrid is not a lover of road trips.  She’s a hapless victim of easily induced car sickness, and is hardly ever enthralled with long distance travel by automobile. In early March, while visiting relatives in Calgary, I received a phone call from a good friend and former colleague.  “D” and I had started work together, both recent university graduates, in 1978, and she was on the phone, choked with tears, saying her husband had just passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack. We made the decision to drive to Vancouver Island and attend the memorial service for “D’s” late husband. With a memorial service triggering our decision to drive to the West Coast, we would drive through Jasper and have a chance to dine at one of our favourite restaurants, the Fiddle River Restaurant.

View of Jasper, Alberta from the Fiddle River Restaurant, located on the 2nd floor

Early evening, moose wander into Jasper, apparently seeking grain that’s fallen from rail cars.  Photo taken from Fiddle River Restaurant, Jasper, AB

Make no mistake, Fiddle River Restaurant is a fine dining establishment, so prices are at the high end of the scale. Still, Ingrid and I have never been disappointed dining at this establishment, and a table for two at the window of this restaurant located on the 2nd floor offers a million dollar view of the Canadian Rockies.

“Luscious Rack of Lamb”, $44

As in past, roast Rack of Lamb has been a consistent favourite dish of ours.  I tend to order lamb just because it’s not that common on most restaurant menus.  Fiddle River’s “Luscious Rack of Lamb” ($44) is described as New Zealand lamb, slow roasted, garlicky, with a fruit and mint mustard crust and almond crust, set in a Saskatoon berry demi-glace and garlic mashed potatoes.  I ordered the lamb medium-rare, but as you can see in the pic, it looks rare.  I didn’t send it back, because that’s the way I ordered it, and in fact it was superb.  (Next time I’ll order the lamb cooked medium.) Ingrid ordered the Duo Duck ($35) and a pear cider ($6.95, a light beverage she enjoyed so much we made a special effort later in the trip to find it to take back to the hotel.)  The duck breast was pan roasted, served with a berry sauce and scalloped sweet potatoes. All-in-all, our dining experience at the Fiddle River Restaurant met our high expectations from previous experience.  It remains our favourite fine dining restaurant in Jasper. Fiddle River Restaurant, 620 Connaught Drive, Jasper, AB.; Tel.: 780-852-3032.  Highly recommended.    


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