Klim Outrider vs BMW Summer 3 pants

Klim Outrider pants. Jean-style, D30 hip and knee armour, street price $200.00 Cdn

BMW Summer3 pants (new in 2012), armoured hips and knees, zip off legs, police-style cargo pants, current approx. MSRP $300.00

Riding season has finally arrived.

After a long, cold winter and a lethargic season of couch-sitting and watching Netflix, my old, well-worn and comfortable BMW Summer3 pants (Men’s Size L) mysteriously shrunk in the closet.

I’ve worn the Summer3 pants since 2012, and they quickly became my favourite riding pants.  They protected me in a slow speed ‘off’ with virtually no damage to the pants.  I’ve washed them a few times and have held up exceptionally well.

Although not advertized as ‘waterproof’ or even ‘water resistant’, I’ve worn the Summer3 pants in rain without them soaking through.  (Regular readers will know I ride a 2014 BMW R1200RT, and as any RT owner will tell you, as long as you’re moving at a decent speed on an RT in the rain, you’re not going to get wet.  The RT provides perhaps the best foul weather protection of any touring bike available.  But I’m biased.)

At a recent ‘Spring Riding Season Is Here Celebration’ hosted by one of the city’s largest powersports dealers, they offered a nice, 15-percent discount on accessories that evening.  I leapt at the chance to replace my 6-season old BMW Summer3 pants which, over the years, had faded significantly at the knees and thighs.

Klim Outrider Pants

Klim Outlander pants are jean-style. Pockets don’t have zippers or velcro-secured flaps as the BMW Summer3 pants have

From their advertising bumpf, Klim implies the Outrider motorcycle pants are intended for ‘light’ touring, urban riding and even casual non-moto wear for hiking.

Here’s a summary of Likes and Dislikes of the Klim Outrider pants with a comparison to the BMW Summer3 pants following.


  • Jean-cut styling with straight-leg, ‘boxier’ (roomier) legs than Summer3 pants
  • Newer technology D30 armour (softer, lighter and more pliable than the old tech armounr in the 2012 BMW pants)
  • Armoured hips and knees
  • Light weight
  • Better value proposition at $200 street price compared to BMW’s $300+ price point
  • 5-year damage/crash warranty (Klim offers to repair or replace garment if crash damaged within 5 years of purchase, subject to conditions.)  (Text edited.)

Klim Outlander pants have 2 front pockets, 1 left side cell phone pocket, 1 right rear snap-fitted wallet pocket and 1 left rear pocket


  • Slightly lower rise than BMW Summer3 pants (I’ll get used to it)
  • Slightly stiffer material that feels a touch lower in quality than the BMW pants
  • Lacks the more secure zippered front pockets and rear wallet pocket of BMW Summer3 pants
  • Lacks 2 cargo pockets with velcro flaps of BMW Summer3 pants
  • Non-adjustable pant leg opening that BMW Summer3 pants have
  • No belt


  • Made in Vietname

BMW Summer3 Pants

BMW Summer3 pants has more pockets and more secure pockets than Klim Outlander. BMW pants have zippered rear wallet pocket and two zippered front pockets as well as two velcro-flap secured cargo pockets

The BMW Summer3 is more of a military/police-style pant.  I’ve seen advertising that implies the Summer3 pant is worn by some police authorities.  The pants feature zip-off legs, allowing them to be worn as shorts.

Where the Summer3 pant outperforms the Klim Outlander is in the number of pockets and their design.  The Summer3s have two front zippered pockets (where I keep loose change and keys), two front cargo pockets with velcro-secured flaps (where I keep my wallet for fast access at gas stations), and a zippered rear wallet pocket.


  • 45-percent cotton/55-percent polyamid/nylon blend has a softer, nicer ‘hand’ than the Klim 75-percent cotton/25-percent nylon blend
  • Tapered, adjustable opening leg feels ‘trimmer’ than Klim’s non-adjustable straight leg style
  • 3 secure, zippered pockets; 2 cargo pockets
  • Adjustable velcro tabs for leg openings
  • Nylon web belt is standard

BMW Summer3 pants include BMW branded web belt


  • 2012-era hip and knee armour is stiff and heavier than the Klim’s new technology D30 armour
  • At approx. $300.00, the BMW Summer3 pants command a $100+ premium over the Klim Outlander


In recent years, Klim has aggressively marketed it’s motorcycle apparel as a premium brand.  BMW motorcycle apparel has long been known for high quality moto clothing, but at a high price.

The Klim Outlander pant is my choice because it offers new technology armour, casual style, and still appears comfortable and rugged enough for long distance touring at a very attractive price point.  Because the Klim Outlander is a jean-style riding pant, it lacks the bells and whistles of the BMW Summer3.

For some, the benefits of BMW’s zipper-secured 2 front and 1 rear pocket, plus the convenience of 2 front cargo pockets with flaps, and the pant’s flexibility to be worn as shorts makes the $100 + premium over the Klim Outlanders reasonable.

Both are excellent riding pants.

Later in the season after I’ve had time to wear the Klim Outlander pants, I’ll post a ‘wearability’ review.


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