The Burger Joint, Edmonton, AB

A ‘loaded’ Burger Joint burger – double beef patty, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, white onion, relish, mustard and mayo

Today was a ‘lazy day.’

I got up first thing this morning, ran the Audi over to the dealership for a complimentary free exterior car wash, then came home and watched the national news.

At lunch, I had the hankering for a nice, juicy burger, something I don’t indulge in regularly.

So I thought I’d run over to the Burger Joint, an established south Edmonton eatery that’s worked its way onto the “Best Burgers in Edmonton” list numerous times.

The Burger Joint is tucked away in the corner of a medium sized strip mall on 23rd Avenue one traffic signal west of 91st Street.

Dining room

This is a fast food restaurant, and there is an array of simple, modern tables and chairs.  It’s more utilitarian than fancy; it’s definitely NOT the place to take your lover and propose marriage.

Custom made burgers

At each table there’s a pad of custom order sheets.  It’s a little daunting if you’ve never gone through the ordering process.

Step 1:  Choose your burger.  I selected the Double 7 oz Beef Burger, $9.75.  And for Ingrid, a 7 oz single burger, $7.99

Step 2:  Choose your sauces.  I went with ketchup, mustard, mayo and relish for both burgers.

Step 3:  Choose your toppings:  Simple – lettuce, tomato, white onions, dill pickles for both.

Step 4:  Premium toppings:  For my double burger, I added Swiss Cheese ($0.75) and bacon ($1.00.)  For Ingrid’s single burger, bacon ($1.00)

Step 5:  I added the ‘Combo’ ($3.99) which includes a ‘Medium’ (I’d call it a large) soda fountain drink and a styrofoam burger-size box of fries.

Burger Joint 7 oz. beef burger ($7.99) with bacon ($1.00)

You have to be patient at the Burger Joint, because they make their burgers from scratch.  Even at the late (1:15 pm) lunch hour and only a couple of customers waiting for food, the burgers took a while.

I took my order to-go.

And while the burgers were meaty, fresh and had ‘heft’ (remember, mine was a double-patty burger), we thought they were only average.

Ingrid’s first comment was, “there’s nothing special about this bun”, followed by, “the fries aren’t crispy.” Well, to be fair, the burgers and fries got steamed in their styrofoam containers on the ten minute drive home.  So slightly soggy fries can be expected.

In the end, the Burger Joint’s main strength is they make all their burgers from scratch and the numerous toppings and sauces available make their burgers extremely customizable.  So you can have it ‘your way’, as ‘somebody’s advertisement proclaims.  One item that is special at the Burger Joint is the 100-percent Lamb Burger ($8.99), something of a rarity in Edmonton.  We’ve sampled that on previous occasions and quite enjoyed it.

The Burger Joint:  9132-23rd Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB.; Tel.: 780-435-0038

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