Happy Birthday! Shelby GT350 turns 2

2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 rolled off the Flat Rock, Michigan 05-05-17

Sunday marked the 2nd birthday for our Shelby GT350.

It (I detest personifying cars and would never refer to it as a ‘she’ or, gawd help me, give it a name) rolled off the Flat Rock, Michigan production line May 5, 2017.

From the production numbers I’ve been able to dig up, Ford made 6,448 Shelby GT350/350Rs for model year 2017.

Of that production run, only 17 (one of which is ours) were made in Lightning Blue with white Over-the-Top stripes (optional) and Black Roof (optional.)  All Shelbys produced in this colour combination were GT350s; there were NO ‘R’ versions made in Lightning Blue/White Over-the-Top Stripes/Black Roof.

734 Shelby GT350/350Rs were purported to have been built for and exported to Canada for the 2017 model year.

Will this generation of Shelby GT350/350Rs (in production since the 2016 model year and currently scheduled to be built for the 2019 model year) ever achieve collector car status?

Time will tell. As they say in the art community, buy art because you like it.

I bought the Shelby because I like it.  But is it art?  Oh yeah!


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