Motorcycle Boots Review – Forma Air3 Outdry, TCX -Tour Evo GTX, and Forma Hyper sneakers – coming soon

I am genetically hardwired to be irresistibly drawn to deals.  I can’t not get sucked into stuff that’s been discounted.  That’s especially true when it comes to motorcycle gear.

Last year, local powersports dealer Argyll Motorsports, advertised a big Black Friday sale.  For the first time, this retailer had substantially discounted accessories at the end of the motorcycle riding season, something the company had never done before.

The sale was impressive, and I scored some really nice kit – a pair of motorcycle sneakers for urban riding and a pair of waterproof, mesh touring boots for hot weather riding.  Finally, I picked up the TCX touring boots online at a website I had never heard of, and it also happened to be an arm of Argyll Motorsports.

The boots were all ‘current stock’, that’s to say current 2019 models, and all were purchased for 50-60-percent less than MSRP.

We’ll review the boots individually in the next few days

Next:  TCX Hyper sneaker review.

L-R:  Forma Air3 Outdry mesh touring boot, TCX C-Tour GTX touring boot, Forma Hyper sneakers

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