Entertainment during self-isolation – moto stuff on YouTube

Forced isolation is an opportunity to explore internet (shopping, right?) and YouTube to entertain ourselves while we’re advised to “Stay home. Stay safe.” (Which is unquestionably good advice.)

Here is a short list of stuff you’ll find really entertaining, whether you are motorcycle- or car-centric. All are found on YouTube.

Motorcycle Channels

Fortnine: Most Canadian motorcyclists know Fortnine as one of the largest online retailers of motorcycle accessories. Check out Fortnine’s gear and motorcycle review videos with presenter “Ryan F9” (aka Ryan Kluftinger), who pulls no punches when reviewing moto gear. His reviews are based mostly on his actual use of the product and he is technically oriented. (Watch his description of the physics underlying using a car tire on the rear of a motorcycle, for example.) His comments sound like he shoots from the hip, and his commentary is liberally sprinkled with sarcasm and ‘colourful’ language. And he reviews products we actually can buy in Canada.

Revzilla: This is likely the ‘elephant’ of U.S.-based online sellers of moto gear. Their original presenter was an over-the-top “Shamwow-style” pitchman who sounded like had had chugged 2-litres of expresso before the video shoot. More recently, two new, main presenters have been featured, and their delivery style is much more listenable.

Motolegends: Based in Guildford, England, the presenter, Chris “The chap in the cap”, offers excellent reviews of gear, regularly stating the pros and cons compared to other similar products they carry. Because the U.K. motorcycle market is so much larger than North America’s, shops like Motolegends carries much, much more stock and variety of brands typically not imported here, such as Helsons, Richa, Halvarrsons, etc.

Arai Helmet Factory Tour Documentary: Some time ago, Arai helmets in Japan invited moto journalists to tour the factory and see how helmets were manufactured. Do you want to know why Arai helmets are premium priced? Watch the short documentary and see how many people are involved in handling and inspecting each helmet. It’s an eye opener.

Daytona Boots Factor Tour Documentary: Daytona boots are likely the most expensive motorcycle-specific boots one can buy. Based in Germany, the company builds only motorcycle boots. They don’t make jackets, pants, t-shirts; they only produce motorcycle boots. And their price point is, let’s say, wallet busting. But moto boots is one area where you get what pay for.

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