Forma Hyper sneaker boot review

Forma Hyper motorcycle sneaker features side-zipper, waterproof lining. The mid-height boot is the Italian company’s top of the line “urban” motorcycle sneaker

Footwear is one of the lowest priority pieces of protective gear for many motorcyclists. Helmets and jackets are usually the first priorities.

I had been on the lookout for a pair of light duty motorcycle boots for those short trips for riding fifteen minutes to breakfast, something that would be light, suitably fashionable (of course), and more offering more protection than my Blundstones.

These Forma Hyper motorcycle sneaker boots were on sale in November, and were ‘current’ (2019 model), and they look to fit the bill.

Forma is an Italian moto boot manufacturer, and the Hyper sneaker boot is from their “Urban-City” collection.


The Forma Hyper is a mid-height (8-in. tall) high top sneaker-style boot with a 6-in. YKK side-zipper to aid ingress. Outside construction is leather with small reflective patches (that appear black in daylight) on the rear and side.

The main armour consists of a plastic-reinforced heel cup, with memory foam padding used for the tongue and at the ankle. Forma claims the boot to be waterproof and use Drytex, a moisture-wicking/waterproof synthetic textile, to line the boot. The Hyper sneakers weigh

Forma Hyper sneakers weigh 1399g , lighter than Blundstones
6-in. YKK zipper makes ingress easier
Forma Hyper sole detail

As Forma is an Italian company, the boot is designed in Italy, but manufactured in Croatia.

MSRP: CAN$299.99

Street/sale price: CAN$154.00

First impressions

We haven’t had a chance to ride with these boots yet. I’ll post an update on wearability soon, weather permitting.

However, first impression is that despite having a side zipper, one still has to unlace the boots to put them on; you can’t leave the laces tied and just open the boot with the zipper and slip them on.

As for some minor criticisms, the toe box has no armour; it’s just the leather cap of a normal shoe, and there is no gearshift protector.

Finally, the insole has a raised edge at the instep, which I can feel. I’ll likely just trim it off or replace them with new insoles.


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