Forma Air3 Outdry mesh boots review

Forma Air3 Outdry mesh, 11-1/4-in. tall, waterproof touring boots

The second new pair of moto boots I bought at last year’s big “Black Friday” sale was this lightweight pair of mesh, waterproof, full height touring boots intended for hot weather riding.

I’d been eyeing mesh boots for some time, but my bargain-hunting self was put off by my perception of the high MSRP of new, top of the line motorcycle footwear. The MSRP of the Forma Air3 Outdry mesh boots was Can$389.95, not outrageously priced, really. But I couldn’t resist to pick these up when they were on sale for Can$194.00, some 50-percent off, plus they were ‘current’ (2019) model boots, so I could be for one of the few times in my life, ‘in fashion.’

Accordion pleats at front and rear (not shown) helf fore and aft boot shaft flexibility. Sole has a smooth, touring style tread

The Forma3 boots are very light weight, coming in at a feathery 1586g (size 43), lighter than my every day Australian Blundstones, and much, much lighter than my heavy, almost motocross weight, Aerostich Combat Lite touring boots.

The boot chassis is comprised primarily of a synthetic mesh to allow good airflow in hot weather, and the boots are lined with Outdry textile, said to be waterproof. I haven’t tested them yet, but will report back.

Each boot has padding for the inside and outside ankle, rigid toe and heel box, plus a gearshift protector on the top of left and right boot.

6-in. YYK zipper is located inboard, with velcro closure at top
Reflective patch (black in daylight) is fitted at the top of the heel box (below the accordion pleats)

Accordion panels on the front and rear of the boot shaft allow fore and aft boot flexibility. A small, reflective patch (which looks black in daylight) sits at the top of the heel box.

A 6-in. YYK zipper is on the inboard side of the boot with a velcro flap to secure the top of the boot.

I’ll provide a full review of the Forma Air3 Outdry boots after we put on some miles riding with them.

Forma Air3 Outdry mesh touring boots:

MSRP: Can$389.95

Street/Sale price: Can$194.00

Made in Romania


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