Forma Hyper Sneakers – tried and tested

My riding season got off to a very late start.

A shoulder injury in late February, exacerbated by the COVID-19 lockdown meant my first ride of the season wasn’t until the third week of July.

With my first trips of the year were restricted to short jaunts in town, that was the perfect style of riding to test my new TCX Hyper Sneakers.

The TCX Hyper Sneakers are ‘fashion’ motorcycle boots. Yes, they have armoured toe box, ankle protection and are tall enough to qualify as a boot acceptable for motorcycle riding (such as used to be required by the Alberta Safety Council for students in their motorcycle training program.)

The Hyper Sneakers are advertized as ‘waterproof’, something I can’t verify.

First impressions

Wearing the sneakers around the house pre-riding season had me worried. The inside edges of the sneakers’ insoles seemed to protrude, poking up against my instep. I thought I’d have to pull the insoles out and trim off the upraised edges.

But the first time I wore the short boots on the bike, the insoles never bothered me.

Before the sneakers were broken in, I was disappointed the inside side zipper did not allow the boots to be put on nor removed without untying the laces. But after wearing them a couple of times, they seem to have loosened up. Now, I can simply unzip the boots and kick them off or put them on without undoing the laces.


Overall, I like these boots, and would buy them again.


+ Genuine (armoured) motorcycle boot

+ Waterproof (claimed)

+ Stylish, high-top lace sneaker ‘urban’ look

+ Light weight

+ Side zipper allows easy ingress/egress without tying or untying laces


– Does not provide the weather or impact protection of a traditional tall boot

– Laces are a potential hazard if not tucked in

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