We’re back. . .

We’ve been away for a while. There are a lot of reasons for the (long) hiatus.

First, I injured myself. On a snowy Saturday morning at the end of February, almost seven long months ago, I slipped on the sidewalk. Hard.

I was walking to my neighbour’s house two doors down, and a skiff of snow covered the ice melt from the previous sunny day. Walking along, both my feet flew up, and I landed on my left arm, taking the blow of my full (ample) body weight from my shoulder to the elbow.

Umpteen years of teenage Judo and mid-life Aikido training didn’t prepare my aged and slow reflexes to “properly” fall.

I lay in the snow, winded, and thought to myself, “Wow, I’ve REALLY hurt myself.” And unlike the what my younger self would have done, got up and brushed myself off and carry on to the neighbour’s, I just lay in the snow, in pain.

I eventually got to my feet, dropped off an article at the neighbours, the original purpose for my short walk, and rushed home.

“Ingrid”, I called out entering the front door, “Help! I’ve hurt myself!” Ingrid rushed from the kitchen, and I explained what happened.

“Help me off with my jacket; I can’t lift my left arm.” The pain was excruciating, feeling like someone had stuck a stiletto into the joint of my shoulder. I took a couple of Ibuprofen and laid down.

On Monday morning, I called a nearby physiotherapist practice and surprisingly got an appointment that morning.

Jeff, the physiotherapist and one of the principals of the practice, said it would likely take 3-6 months, possibly longer, for a rotator cuff injury to heal for a person my age.

Ahh, the joy of aging. He commented, “If you would have had this accident thirty years ago, you likely wouldn’t even have been injured.”

And now . . .

After almost six months of physiotherapy and religiously doing my twice-daily at-home physiotherapy exercises, plus seeing a specialist at the Glen Sather Sports Clinic, I no longer require the services of a physiotherapist.

However, I am still doing my exercises, and am still experiencing considerable pain, regularly.

And of course, COVID-19 self-isolation has severely limited travel, so we’ve been sticking very close to home.

But I’m back. 🙂


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