Upgrading Olympia Jacket with New D30 Armour

We upgraded our well-worn Olympia jacket by replacing the old (black foam) shoulder and elbow armour with new (orange) Klim D30 replacements

Earlier this year I began thinking about replacing my Olympia hi-viz touring jacket. It has served me well over 8 riding seasons, keeping me dry in pouring rain, and with zip-in liner, warm (once with a heated vest to minus 4 degrees Celsius) in the cold weather we typically experience in Western Canada.

New touring jackets from Klim, Rukka and Rev’It had caught my eye, but even as a somewhat impulsive shopper, I couldn’t come up with a really good reason to replace it.

One day, I was ‘surfing’ YouTube and chanced upon the Motolegends channel produced by a large motorcycle accessories shop in the U.K. The channel host recommended for motorcycle jackets and pants that did NOT have CE certified armour that accessory D30 armour replace the lower quality protectors.

“Evergreening!”, I immediately thought. Brilliant!

‘Evergreening’ is a term used to describe the process of upgrading and replacing old technology and computing devices on a schedule.

I decided the only minor gripe I have with my 8-year old Olympia jacket is the relatively stiff and inflexible hard foam shoulder and elbow pads in the jacket.

The original Olympia armour (black) is made of stiff foam. The Klim D30 replacements (orange) are soft and flexible polyurethane energy-absorbing material

The next day I popped down to my local motorcycle dealership and purchased Klim D30 LP1 accessory shoulder pads ($34.95/pair) and elbow pads ($34.95/pair). (The elbow pads can also be used as knee pads according to the packaging.)

Original Olympia foam protectors (black); new Klim D30 polyurethane vented replacement pads (orange)

The Klim LP1 vented shoulder and elbow pads are advertised to be CE Certified to EN1621-1-2012. D30 is soft and pliable, hardens on shock, and returns to flexible state.

The D30 pads are close in size and weight to the original Olympia foam protectors (CE Certified EN1621-1.)

Klim D30 shoulder pads: 181g (pair), L186mm x W140 mm

Klim D30 elbow pads: 202g (pair), TBD

Olympia shoulder pads: 80g (pair), L208mm x W135mm

Olympia elbow pads: 111g (pair), L250mm x W125mm


The Olympia jacket’s OEM shoulder and elbow protectors are held in by pockets inside the sleeves with velcro closures.

The most difficult part is squeezing the relatively stiff original foam protectors so they’re narrow enough to pull out of the retaining pocket. Inserting the D30 protectors is easy, because they’re soft and pliable.

The whole process takes only a few minutes with the jacket laid out on the kitchen table.

For the approximately $70.00 dollar cost, replacing the old tech armour with D30 replacements is an inexpensive way to upgrade your favourite older jacket and riding pants.

I’m pleased with the results. The Olympia jacket is now more comfortable to wear, because the D30 protectors conform to the shoulders and at the elbow, flex more easily; the pads are barely noticeable now.

After mentioning this upgrade to a few of my motorcycle friends, they bought similar D30 armour and did the same to their jackets.

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