Fuel Economy Test – 2019 Honda DCT Tour Gold Wing

At the end of our September Fall 2020 Tour, our ’19 Honda DCT Tour Gold Wing showed 16,719 km on the odometer, 15 months after taking delivery

Real world gas mileage intrigues me. Even though few motorcyclists barely give fuel consumption a second thought, tracking fuel usage is one way to compare a vehicle’s performance to another’s.

When the current generation of Honda Gold Wing (model year 2018) was launched, Gold Wing forums were filled with cries of anguish. Honda had decreased the Wing’s previous 25-litre gas tank to the current 21-litres. Gold Wing loyalists screamed in outrage, declaring the smaller gas tank would obviously decrease the flagship motorcycle’s touring range, despite Honda’s assertion the all-new 1833cc engine and 7-speed DCT transmission was more fuel-efficient than the old 1832cc engine with 5-speed gearbox.

My fuel economy numbers proves Honda was right; the naysayers are wrong. My ’19 Wing gets better gas mileage than my ’07 Wing did.

On our September Fall 2020 Tour, here are the fuel consumption numbers, calculated with Road Trip app. Fuel consumption is calculated using kilometres traveled from the Honda’s odometer and litres of fuel used.

2019 Honda DCT Tour Gold Wing – Fuel consumption

Test distance: 2,893 km

Total fuel: 142.98 L

Total fuel cost: $155.51

Average fuel economy (regular): 4.94 L/100 km, 57.1 Imp mpg, 47.6 U.S. mpg

Best fuel economy: 4.60 L/100 km, 61.4 Imp mpg, 51.1 U.S. mpg

Worst fuel economy: 5.53 L/100 km, 51.0 Imp mpg, 42.5 U.S. mpg

Compared to my previous 2014 BMW R1200RT

Average fuel economy (premium): 5.13 L/100 km, 55.0 Imp mpg, 45.8 U.S. mpg

Best fuel economy: 4.54 L/100 km, 62.2 Imp mpg, 51.8 U.S. mpg

Worst fuel economy: 5.99 L/100 km, 47.1 Imp mpg, 39.2 U.S. mpg

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