First ride, 2021

I picked up my bike last week. I filled the tank and rode it to storage on November 1, last year. Now, 5 months later, with friend Rick, we pulled the nylon bike cover off, unplugged the battery tender, and removed the strategically placed Bounce sheets from the dash, saddle and topcase (the scent of which reputedly deters mice), pulled out the steel wool stuffed into the exhaust pipes and stood there momentarily, admiring the Wing’s sharp lines. Despite being covered and inside a heated garage, a light film of dust covered the bike’s Darkness Black metalflake paint. A minor issue to be resolved with a bottle of spray detailer and microfibre cloth when I get home.

A circle of light lit up on the console, showing the bike ‘recognized’ the key fob on the lanyard slung round my neck. I turned the ignition on, hit the starter and the Wing instantly rumbled to life.

Of course it did. It’s a Honda. No rrrr, vroom. Just vroom. Such is the joy of owning a Honda. No drama. Just astonishing engineering expertise.

I engaged the ‘Walking speed’ forward/reverse function to ease the bike out of its very tight space beside a concrete wall, and rode it uneventfully back home.

Inside the garage, I checked the tire pressures. Both tires were down a couple of pounds. I had pumped them up a couple of pounds above the recommended spec before storage expecting the tires to lose some air over the winter. A couple of minutes wiping it down with spray detailer and the Wing is ready for another season of riding.

All’s good.


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  1. We wish you a safe saison enjoy your ride and hope to see you soon out there

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