Turquaz Kebab House, Edmonton, AB

Turquaz Kebab House, Turkish & Lebanese Cuisine, Edmonton, AB

We thoroughly enjoyed our very first visit to Turquaz Kebab House. When I mentioned Turquaz to my friend Fatima, who is of Lebanese origin, she immediately said it was one of her favourite dining haunts. That made it a solid recommendation for me. Fatima is a foody, just like us.

Ingrid and I were on the north side of the city to get our Covid vaccinations. Turquaz (Fatima pronounces it tourquoise) is fast(er)-food-like eatery, where you peruse the menu at your table, walk up to the counter and order and pay, then a server delivers your food to your table.

Lamb Loin Chops, ($22.95)

We’d already looked at Turquaz’s menu online. As lamb fans, we had to try the Lamb Loin Chops ($22.95) and for a bit of variety, ordered the Trio Kebab (consisting of 3 kebabs: lamb, chicken, and spiced ground beef, $21.95.)

Trio Kebab, (lamb, chicken, and spiced beef, $21.95)

Our server brought us a plate with 2 pieces of warm flatbread. Oddly, the flatbread was thicker and more bread-like than the flatbread we’ve eaten in past. It was delicious, thick and had the right amount of ‘chew.’

Turquaz was busy at 5:00 PM on the Friday we dined there.

Our two dishes arrived promptly. The lamb chops were grilled and deliciously spiced, though a tad smaller than I had expected, and a little less tender than I would have preferred. The lamb loin chops came with sides of hummus, tahini, salad, rice, and fries. All in all, an excellent choice for lamb lovers.

“My” dish, the Trio Kebab, has the same hummus, tahini, salad, rice and fries side dishes, but kebabs featuring lamb pieces, chicken pieces and ground beef. My favourite kebab was the chicken, and friend Fatima says when she dines at Turquaz, she always orders the Chicken Kebab ($17.95.)

Overall, we really enjoyed our venture into the world of Middle Eastern cuisine. Turquaz Kebab House is highly recommended. We’ll be back.

Turquaz Kebab House Turkish & Lebanese CuisineHighly recommended

13310-137 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB; Tel.: 780-476-4511

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