European Sweetness Coffee Bar & Deli, Edmonton, AB

Delicious Burek, spinach (L) and ground beef (R) filled Bosnian/Croatian phyllo pastries from European Sweetness Coffee Bar & Deli, Edmonton

My foody friend, Richard, sent me a photo of Burek, what he and his wife were having for lunch that day.

“Burek??”, I texted. Burek is something I’d never heard of before. Apparently, Burek’s origin is Turkish, a savory pastry filled with meat, cheese or ingredients like spinach, wrapped in a flaky, phyllo pastery.

The Burek looked intriguing. I searched online and found European Sweetness Coffee Bar & Deli (12212-107 Avenue, Edmonton), and the next day drove across town to buy some for lunch. The owners of European Sweetness make a Croatian/Bosnian variant of Burek.

European Sweetness Bakery, 12212-107 Avenue, Edmonton

I selected 3 different Bureks ($6.50 ea.) with separate stuffings: spinach, ground beef, and cheese. Each is large – more than sufficient for a hearty lunch, and truth be told, each is large enough to share between two if you had a salad on the side.

Each Burek was delicious, but Ingrid and I agreed the cheese filled was our favourite. The cheese used has the texture and flavour of cottage cheese. I’d gladly return and buy any of these variants again.

We also tried a couple of pieces of dessert: baklava and a creamy vanilla flavoured square (the name of which I don’t recall.) The baklava was interesting, and different than the Lebanese and Greek style that we’re used to, being less sweet and drier. Delicious, nonetheless.

Baklava (L, $2.75) and vanilla custard square (R, $3.25)

European Sweetness Bakery has been in business for 14 years, according to young server, who said she’d been working there for 10 years. The bakery is located in a strip mall on 107th Avenue, with plenty of parking.

European Sweetness Coffee Bar & Deli: 12212-107 Avenue, Edmonton, AB.; Tel.: 780-454-5476.

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