$2.89 Hack for ’19 Gold Wing Horn

Self-adhesive vinyl bumper ‘fixes’ the Gold Wing’s hard-to-locate horn button

The horn button on Honda’s latest generation 2018+ Gold Wing is the subject of much handwringing and complaint on owners’ forums.

Honestly, the horn button is an ergonomic miscue. Located just above the turn signal button, small and flat – not large and concave shaped to fit one’s thumb, and located above the signal light lever, it takes a conscientious reach to hit the horn quickly.

Not surprisingly, many of the old gits on Gold Wing forums complained loudly about the horn button. “It’s dangerous!” and “I can never find it when I need it!” are complaints regularly heard.

I always thought it was up to the rider to learn the idiosyncrasies of the bikes we ride. Just like pilots need to learn the individual layout and characteristics of every plane they fly, we need to know intimately the bikes we ride.

When I first got my ’19 Wing, I quickly learned the odd, unnatural location of the horn switch, and regularly ‘practiced’ reaching for it. I’d keep reminding myself, “Up one more inch” and physically reach for the button.

But there’s a cheap ‘hack’ (not my idea) that some Gold Wing owner came up with. Simply stick on a cheap plastic bumper pad available at the hardware.

The little bumper pad raises the height of the horn button, is easily identifiable by feel, and is unobtrusive. And it’s cheap. The pack of 12 pads cost $2.89 at Home Depot.

Rubbing alcohol, a cotton swab and plastic 3/8-in. soft plastic bumpers ‘fixes’ the Gold Wing’s poor horn button’s ergonomics
Swab the horn button surface with rubbing alcohol to clean it. Use tweezers or the pointed tip of a knife blade to centre the 3/8-in. self-adhesive bumper pad, and press it on

This is a cheap and easy fix for a common complaint on 2018+ Honda Gold Wings.

3/8-in. plastic bumper pad looks OEM

Follow-up: Since posting this hack earlier today, I road tested the Wing with this horn button mod, and it works beautifully! The new plastic bumper protrudes distinctively and it’s easily recognizable by feel alone. Happy days.


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