2021 – A year of close-to-home riding in a Covid pandemic

A day trip to Alliance, small town Alberta, was the typical motorcycle close to home day trip during the 2021 Covid pandemic

2021 was another strange year for motorcycling. Lock downs, closed restaurants, and limited access to essential businesses restricted recreational travel for much of the year.

That didn’t stop motorcycle enthusiasts from riding entirely. A few friends ventured outside the province and into B.C. and Saskatchewan a few times, all within the applicable Covid regulations of the day.

I managed a number of day trips, about once a week, to various locations around Edmonton. Red Deer, Bentley, Rimbey, Alliance, and Thorhild were the destinations for many of these rides, and always with a destination eatery as the riding objective for the day. (I’ll be posting a short series, “Small Towns, Big Flavours” in the Eats section soon.)

By my records, I managed 8,751 km this year, 33 fill-ups of regular unleaded using 404.3 litres of fuel, with a total cost of $1010.24.

At 20,000 km precisely, I replaced the OEM Bridgestone Exedra tires with a new set of the same, the bike got one service at the dealership and the electric motor for the windscreen was replaced under Honda’s 3-year unlimited mileage warranty due to intermittent failure to operate.

Hopefully, 2022 will be a riding season that’s back to normal, and we’ll be able to visit the roads in the United States as we often do.

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