Small Towns, Big Flavours. The Last Griffin Restaurant, Bentley, AB

The Last Griffin Restaurant in the town of Bentley, AB is a hidden gem and rates as a Destination Eatery

The Covid pandemic has unquestionably disrupted long distance motorcycle touring. But forced to stay close to Edmonton, we were limited to motorcycle day trips. That gave us the opportunity to explore nearby towns, and with that, we’ve ‘discovered’ a handful of exceptional small town eateries.

We’d heard through the grapevine that a new restaurant had opened in the small town of Bentley in Central Alberta. It was a friends of friends relationship that drew our attention.

Mostly stuck at home due to Covid cross-border restrictions, my motorcycle friends focused on planning day rides from Edmonton. So when I broached the idea of a couple hour ride to Bentley to try a new restaurant, my riding friends eagerly signed up.

Sarah Griffin is the proprietor of The Last Griffin Restaurant, so named because she’s the last in her family line carrying the Griffin surname; her restaurant’s name is one way to preserve the family name.

Griffin says she opened the eatery last year in the middle of the Covid pandemic. That’s unquestionably gutsy. Assisted by her son, The Last Griffin is located on Bentley’s small main street. The restaurant itself is small, but when we visited for lunch in July, a large, open patio behind the restaurant allowed us to dine as a group well within the Covid related restrictions in place at the time.

Homemade cheesy, black olives, onions, and a ‘normal’ (thick) crust pizza as good as any ‘artisan’ pizza you’ll find in the city
Bacon, chicken, cheese sandwich got a big thumbs up

We’re not expecting Michelin Star restaurants on our small town explorations. We’re just looking for good, homemade food at a reasonable price, and that’s exactly what The Last Griffin Restaurant delivers.

Every rider agreed the food was excellent and a good value, and they all said they’d absolutely return to dine again. (As of this post, we’ve returned two more times during the riding season.)

My riding friends agreed that The Last Griffin Restaurant was good enough to rate as a Destination Eatery – a dining establishment good enough to warrant the 2 hour ride from Edmonton specifically to eat at this small restaurant. In my foodie circles, that’s high praise indeed.

The Last Griffin Restaurant. Highly recommended.

4928-50 Avenue, Bentley, AB. T0C 0J0. Tel.: 403-658-1578. Open 11:30 AM – 8:00 PM.

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